Title: The Other Side. (Part 20)
Featuring: Gage Blackwood
Date: A year ago
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Blackwood knelt down by the casket. The funeral was quick and few people had attended. For someone who was once so beloved as a wrestling icon, lots of time had passed and with it, many fans turned over, forgotten… or just didn’t care. It was an entertain me now society and those who could no longer be entertaining were not remembered.

By now, the few who came to the funeral had left and Gage was there alone, at the gravesite, watching over his father. Gage looked up at the tombstone, complete with his father’s real name and wrestling nickname combine.

‘Fearless’ Bruce Blackwood.

Years ago there was such promise of a bright future for both of them. While Bruce had long retired from the wrestling industry and suffered through two failed marriages, at the time he had his health, his money and always kept his charisma. Gage, on the other hand, spent three years training to become a wrestler just like his father in hopes of finding an organization where he could unleash his untapped potential, where he could learn, grow and become a rising star.

Gage stared into the casket, past the man who lay there and past the hole in the ground he was going to sit in for eternity. Gage shook his head. He didn’t learn, he didn’t grow and he definitely didn’t become a rising star. He never caught on in the wrestling industry. Gage struggled through numerous promotions to make an impact and when he actually did, the organizations were never around long enough for him to take the next step. He had nothing to show for it. Nothing to show the fans. Nothing to show himself. Nothing to show his father.

Years ago, he had hope. The wrestling industry was thriving. Opportunities lay everywhere. If you had the talent, you could learn from the best. You didn’t have to travel too far to make an impression, fans were everywhere and they would catch on quickly. But as the year’s passed… the popularity of wrestling became weaker. The height of the 90’s era, where supply and demand could never truly be met, eventually crashed and burned by 2015.

Just like Bruce Blackwood’s health. Just like Gage Blackwood’s dreams. Everything was dead.

However, Gage could live with a failed dream. Over his three year wrestling journey across Scotland, France, Canada and the United States, he was slowly softened up to the cold realities of the profession. Failure became complacent. He began to realize he had many weaknesses and lacked the charisma of his father. As a result, he lacked the ability to become noticed, to catch on and draw attention to himself, a trait that was so needed in the wrestling world of today. In the past, organizations sought out the talent. However, now… now the talent had to seek out the organizations. Supply and demand was much lower than before. Kneeling at the casket, looking past his father, he knew he would never get there. He knew it would never be possible.

Gage slowly stood and walked away. He could not face his father anymore. He had come to terms with his death but had not come to terms with knowing his father would never see him as a wrestling star. Instead, he would be seen as a wrestling failure.

No charisma…

No personality…

No connection to the audience…

The dream was over.

And it had started with so much promise, too.

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- Scott Stevens




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