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Bronson Box Biography

Fed Info

Fed Awards
DEF original, wrestled in the first match on the very first card DEFIANCE ever held. Featured in two of the first LADDER WAR matches. Created WARCHAMBER cell match.  
Fed Titles
1st Unified DEFIANCE World Heavyweight Champion (WfWA World + DEF HWC), runner-up 2015 DEFMAX Tournament, 2x FIST of DEFIANCE Champion  


  • Eugene Dewey
  • Bronson's nemesis. To use terms Eugene might understand... Dewey is Superman to Boxer's Lex Luther. The Fantastic Four to The Wargod's Galactus. Etcetera, etcetera. The two might have had a loose alliance for a bit when Boxer came back from Edward White induced exile but that was short lived. It's been said these two might just fight forever, given the chance.

  • Dan Ryan
  • In Bronson's own words. "One of a small handful of men who's truly tested my limits, tough, brutal, a perfect fighter... he's also a giant mouthy twat."

  • Eric Dane
  • "He created the thing I love more'n anything in this whole wide world, DEFIANCE Wrestlin'... I'd very much enjoy thankin' him for that in the only and best way I know how.

    Pain and sufferin' and buckets of blood."

  • Kelly Evans
  • The very definition of a complicated employer/employee relationship.

  • Lindsay Troy
  • Just recently spent two pay per view periods ripping one another to pieces. Have never been big fans of one another. It's been rumored Box has developed something of level of respect for The Queen ever since she "stepped it up" and tore into his face with the Spike back at the ASCENSION supercard.

  • Dusty Griffith
  • One of Bronson's top two conquests of his entire career. Dusty walked into DEFIANCE looking to be "the man"... Bronson had issue with that. After months and months and lots of lost blood, Boxer stood triumphant... but that sort of bad blood never REALLY goes away, now does it?

  • Cayle Murray
  • [watch this space]


  • Reinhardt Hoffman
  • Old friend from The Wargod's pre-DEF days on the European and UK indies.

  • Iris Davine
  • DEFIANCE's head trainer and lead medical technician has developed an almost motherly relationship with the terrifying Wargod over all the many many hours she's spent stitching him back together after his oft-brutal matches.

Wrestling Info

Physical Description
Bronson looks a lot like a turn of the century circus strongman. Old school athletic build, bald head, twirly curly old timey mustache. He's not ripped and cut like most wrestlers today, but he's thick and muscular. No tattoos, no piercings. He's a pure old school athlete.

He has a light Scottish accent. Google actor Tommy Flanagan (Braveheart, Gladiator, Sons of Anarchy) closest thing I can find to what's in my head.

Ring Attire
He always wears an old school wrestling singlet and low cut wrestling shoes (pretty much the same outfit greco-roman wrestlers wear... a less star spangled version of Kurt Angle's more current gear for a real life comparison) no knee pads or elbow pads.

- Black w/ "STARMAKER" written in grey and blood red lettering.
- Black w/ distressed red block letters. Front, "If ye' 'aint bleedin' at the end..." Back, "Yer' doin' it wrong."
- Black w/ big bold white lettering "ORIGINAL DEFIANT(S)"
- Black w/ big bold white lettering "ORIGINAL DEFIANT"
- Red w/ black script Front, "The Wargod Cometh" Back, "Amen"
- Brown w/ Front, black silhouette of flexing strongman Back, "Scottish Strongman" in black block letters.
- White w/ realistic Blood Diamonds logo on the front Back, "BLOOD DIAMONDS" in "bleeding" red script.
- Brown, Front, black block letters "Bronson Kidnapped My Son" Back "Box vs. Bancroft, First DEF World Champ" (limited edition)
- Black, brown and gold HYDRA logo on the front. Back, "Andrews, Christenson, Greer, Box" in smaller brown and gold script.

Wrestling Style
Brawler / Grappler (focusing almost exclusively on the head and neck)  
Finisher Move
Finisher Description
A traditional Camel Clutch. (adopted after a lengthy feud with Boston Bancroft during seasons two and three of DEFIANCE) Can take it to the next level and transition into a seated Full Nelson.  
MDK Finisher
MDK Description
A quick release powerbomb directly into the turnbuckle. Used pretty often to finish matches. (MDK version performed on an exposed turnbuckle)  
3-5 Signature Moves
God’s Fiery Right Hand
Description: A classic Clawhold submission applied to the opponents head/temple area. Note: uses right hand, see “gimmicks” section below.

The Flying Stongman
Description: An oldie but a goodie, Bronson's original finishing maneuver a lightning quick Flying Guillotine Choke submission hold.

Sacred Heart
Description: A clawhold applied right below the opponent's ribcage or pectoral area Note: uses right hand, see “gimmicks” section below.

One-Armed Side Slam
Description: Primarily executed as a major counter / momentum breaker move for mid-to-late in a match. Opponent typical charges into this move or can be purposefully setup for it by being Irish Whipped into the ropes.
10 Common Holds/Maneuvers
Standing Front (strike):
European Uppercuts (metric shit tons all in a row)
Eye Rakes/Gouges
Headbutts (no sense of self preservation, wham wham wham)
Multiple nasty, loud, slaps across the face. (same hand, just quick and violent)
Skin blistering open hand chops to the chest. (w/ Boxer's huge hands it only takes a couple to bring most opponents to their knees)
Finger / Hand Manipulation (Boxer loves to twist, pop and even BITE his opponents helpless paw and digits)

Standing Moves Front (grapple):
Airplane Spin (sets up the Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster)
Canadian Backbreaker
Delayed Vertical Suplex
Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster

Standing Moves from Behind:
Argentine Backbreaker
Cobra Clutch Backbreaker

Ground Submission:
Surfboard Dragon Sleeper
Chokes (obviously illegal, he has til’ five...)

Ground Strikes:
Sharp Elbows
Biting of the nose/face.

Boot Scrape/Face Wash (downed opponent in the corner)
Double Leg Takedown (immediately into grounded headbutts)
Kitchen Sink Knee (knee strike to the midsection)
Pendulum Lariat (after rebounding off the middle rope)

Red Right Hand (leaves the nails on that hand ever so slightly longer than normal to draw some blood when the situation calls for it)
The Spike (Boxer carries around a huge metal spike, usually tucked in his boot when its on him)

2nd Rope Elevated Deadlift Suplex (opponent on apron)
Ring Entrances
EXAMPLE - I change it up all the time, I can't help myself. I hate static entrances. But... this is probably the best example of Boxer's usual entrance shenanigans. Box's big in ring return at DEFMAX against Mushi last year.

[The arena goes completely dark.]

[The fans pop to the sound of war drums and traditional bagpipes. The intense celtic beat whips the entire arena into a frenzy.]

The Wargod cometh.


[The drumming ends with a snap. The silence hangs heavy in the air as the last hum of the pipe and drums fade into the darkness.]

[Every fan in attendance collectively holding their breath as a howling wind whistles through the air.]

♫ You can run on for a long time… ♫

[Cue the man in black.]

[The house lights come up and there, already standing on the ring apron, is the man himself. Sheared head and freshly waxed mustache. The reaction is overwhelmingly negative… but the faithful, the true faithful are pounding guardrails and chanting his name. Boxer slides between the ropes and raises his arms high. Boos, cheers, jeers, it’s obvious he doesn't care one bit. They’re all on their feet.]


Ladies and gentlemen, making his RETURN to the riiiiiing. The self proclaimed "greatest attraction in all of sports and entertainment"... this is THE WARGOD, THE ORIGINAL DEFIANT, THE TWO TIME FIIIIIIIST OF DEFIANCE… THIS IS BRONSOOOOOOON BOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!

[Boxer climbs the nearest turnbuckle holding his arms out wide. Soaking in the reaction from the faithful.]


The single most polarizing star in DEFIANCE Wrestling, ladies and gentlemen. 




- Conor Fuse




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